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Hillary Clinton and the hysterical he

IMG_2509Hillary Clinton is no damsel in distress. Julia Gillard the former prime minister of Australia was called a witch during her tenure as that country’s leader. Listen to the former prime minister speaking in Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast. She talks of the gendered attack she faced while serving as the first woman prime minister of Australia. She famously called it out in the Australian parliament in what is now known as the ‘misogyny speech‘.

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Coming to terms with silence


Warning, Spoilers Ahead, Do Not Read, if you haven’t read Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee.

My country is Maycomb county.

I felt restless and disillusioned after finishing Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee. But unlike before, I was glad to be unburdened of my illusionsĀ and happy for the scales to finally fall from my eyes. After all these years, it turns out that Jean Louise Finch and her father Atticus Finch were casual racists. At first Jean Louise is furious when she finds out her father isĀ a gentleman racist. She goes into a rage and is about to leave Maycomb when she is slapped into submission by her uncle. As if her fury about her father’s truth was just ‘womanly hysterics’.
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