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The pernicious bubble theory and why the Truth is no longer self-evident

2016-12-19_11-43-02People lie all the time. For an intuitive reflex, a survival strategy, aided by something called unethical amnesia, it is irreparably damaging when the people around us indulge in disingenuousness. The truth; now that is a whole other quantity. A paradigm, a learned habit touching the boundaries of ideology, it helped secure civilisation against the delusions of tribalism. And we had it pedastaled, venerated as dear and sacred. Today as with all things sacred, the very idea of truth is under siege. So what is truth, and why is it so important? In the dawning age of post-truth, we feel the need now more than ever to try and outline the importance of being earnest.

When as children we were told repeatedly to speak the truth, what did we think it was? At that age all we could comprehend was that truth had an aura of righteousness and it was attached to that other abstract thing goodness. We didn’t examine anything too closely. For instance, were we telling the truth when we described an event as we experienced it? The problem is that everyone has a different impression of the same experience. Everyone has a different version. Truth will be nebulous if the actual mechanics of it escapes us even in adulthood.

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So much more than just getting robbed

In Jonathan Stone’s ebook ‘Moving Day’, senior citizens Stanley and Rose Peke are robbed of all their belongings on moving day by a team of robbers posing as a moving company.

I have been robbed a few times, but never of all my belongings like the fictional Pekes. It has happened to me twice this year already and every time I have felt deeply violated. The feeling will never leave you and it scars you for life. The character of immigrant holocaust survivor Stanley Peke in ‘Moving Day’ is so finely etched that it helped articulate my own feelings about the incidents in my life. For the first time, after reading ‘Moving Day’, I found a voice for what I had kept unexpressed and suppressed all these years. Continue reading So much more than just getting robbed