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An ode to the starry night

Crescent moon and Venus. The little green blur in the corner are the frond-like leaves of a coconut tree caught in the frame.

The night sky was part of the secret life of my dreams furnished with plump stars and the clearest, obsidian dark. But in the skies of my waking nights, its million suns had been banished to areas beyond city limits. The night sky in a smaller town where people go to bed early is a startling, breathtaking sight. Your face flushes with silent poetry as you gawp wordlessly at the muted distant fires from cousin suns so far from Earth.

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Are you suggestible?

I am a child of ‘Cosmos’. It was the ’80s when Carl Sagan’s Cosmos played itself out on our local television network. The setting, where in the following weeks my life would change in more ways than I could express then, was a light-blue living room bathed in warm light-bulb glow, lined with couches and my mother’s potted dumbcane.

From an armchair, I soaked inĀ  the haunting synthesizer-born theme music, which struck a spiritual chord somewhere inside me and made me soar. Science turned out to be beautiful and transcendence-inducing, with the exciting caveat that nothing came from authority. Every statement had to be tested and proved, and even after that some allowance had to be made for future advancements. No one was sacrosanct, and that was a new kind of enlightenment. Continue reading Are you suggestible?